On Jeff

Jeff Atwood of the infamous Coding Horror recently posted his reaction to David Heinemeier Hansson who has a problem with Windows as a programming platform.

Ignoring all the ruffled feather reactions and taking just the crux of Jeff’s post, here is the quote of the day.

I take issue with David’s claim that, when it comes to computers and operating systems, there’s any “best” anything. In my considered opinion, they all suck. Sure, there are tradeoffs, pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses. But an objective best? It’s all relative.

 Ok. I wouldn’t say they all suck nor would I say some styles are better than others. For instance, I rather work with C# and .Net WinForms than MFC (even though I have worked with MFC). I think tools and programming languages are chosen based on a few things:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Ease of Access
  3. Ease of Distribution

 The rest…is all fluff. 

EDIT: xkcd is awesome. This cartoon sums up the whole argument in one funny tidbit. Yes Emacs!

@ Sushant Bhatia


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