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Presentation Slides – An introduction to F#

On Saturday 5th November 2011, I presented a talk on F# and Functional Programming at Desert Code Camp. It was my first time at DCC and I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with people who enjoy technology and learning new things like me.I got to meet some great attendees and speakers. Lets not forget the immense time and effort given by the volunteers and organizers of Desert Code Camp as well.

I think the best part of my speech was getting people excited about F# and hearing the wows and praises for F# and my presentation after. You guys rock!

Also, congratulations to the two F# book giveaway winners.

I wanted to post the presentation slides for anyone who wanted it. I have tried to add the sample code to the presentation slides as well. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

An Introduction to F# – Sushant Bhatia (.PPTX)
An Introduction to F# – Sushant Bhatia (.PDF)

Edit: The presentation is not looking nice in Google Docs. I will try and get a PDF of the entire presentation up tonight. It should also contain the notes that I put so that you can try out the code.

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