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Brand New Day

We all make list of things we wish to do and I have some that I keep with me. One of my bosses once told me how he kept a list in his wallet at all times and would modify and tweak that list weekly to help him achieve his goals. Since then I have started doing that too. It’s a big piece of paper duct taped to the wall in front of my main machine at home (most because I already have too many bits of pieces of paper in my wallet and don’t need another one to sit on). I’ve revised it for the new year and one of the things I aim to do this year is be more active about Node.js & Windows Azure. To that end,

  • I’ve started following smarter (than me!) people on twitter
  • I’ve decided to move my blog to Azure (as soon as I figure out how!)
  • I will learn by going through theĀ Azure SDK for Node
  • I will link to items I find interesting about Node.js and Azure daily (weekly?)
  • I will tweet about Node.js and Azure as well (or RT as the case may be)

What will you do this year?

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