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Fix for disabled Wireless Adapter & installing a Loopback Adapter

It appears from blogstats that people are coming to this blog using google searches which is totally awesome because I just got this blog underway again. So what are some of the searches people use:-

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Wireless Disabled Issue

It seems that a gaggle of Windows 7 users are facing the wireless issue I talked about in my previous post. To recap, when the machine comes back from Sleep, the wireless adapter is disabled and no amount of fiddling the switch or disabling/enabling the adapter will fix it.

But fear not, oh gaggle of Windows 7 beta users. I have found the solution to all your problem (yes that was singular). The problem is that Windows 7 manages power of your wireless adapter by default. So you will need to go into the wireless properties and turn it off. Here is how.

1) Open the wireless adapter properties.

2) Click on the Configure button.

3) Click on the Power Management tab.

4) Uncheck the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” checkbox.

Make sure you save the changes and now, the adapter should be enabled when you come out of sleep mode.

Loopback adapter in Windows 7 Beta

Another problem that needs attention is how to install a Loopback adapter in Windows 7. You will notice that the ‘Add new hardware’ link in Control Panel is missing. In order to get to it, you will have to type in ‘hdwwiz.exe‘ from the start menu as shown in the image below.


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