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Windows 8 Laptop Choices–Part Deux: The Choosening!

After contemplating Windows 8 Laptop Choices for almost a month, I finally Deux’ed it! I just ordered the Lenovo Yoga from Lenovo Outlet for $865.87 after taxes. The details are as follows:


Once I get this, I will add a 2 year Depot warranty ($39).

And I will get a 8GB RAM memory module for Lenovo Yoga 13 from Crucial for $50.

They also have a 128GB SSD and a 256GB SSD available should you need it.

So what’s the tally?

Lenovo Yoga 13 – Core i5 1.7GHZ, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD $866
2 Year Depot Warranty (you need to call Lenovo for this) $39
8GB RAM Module $50



That is well below the cost of a Surface Pro before all the additions and has 4GB extra. More to come as I get this and play around with it.

Thanks to Scott Hanselman and The Curvy Fashionista for their tips and info.

Replacing RAM and replacing SSD for Lenovo Yoga 13.


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