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Running Virtual Server 2005 on Windows 7

I am putting together a step-by-step post on how to install, manage and use Virtual Server 2005 on Windows 7. Personally, I believe that Virtual Server 2005 is a LOT better than Virtual PC so I will work with that technology and point out some of its cool “features”.

So look for details on that in a day or so. Hopefully, it will help you get started on Virtualization or working in a separate OS which is a necessity for SharePoint (MOSS/WSS) development or “testing” downloads. 🙂

Update: See my follow up post at https://aboutdev.wordpress.com/2009/05/21/virtual-server-2005-and-windows-7/

I leave you with a link to the Engineering Windows7 blog and specifically to the The Windows 7 Taskbar post. They even have an image of the Windows 1.01 taskbar. AWESOME!


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