Running Virtual Server 2005 on Windows 7

I am putting together a step-by-step post on how to install, manage and use Virtual Server 2005 on Windows 7. Personally, I believe that Virtual Server 2005 is a LOT better than Virtual PC so I will work with that technology and point out some of its cool “features”.

So look for details on that in a day or so. Hopefully, it will help you get started on Virtualization or working in a separate OS which is a necessity for SharePoint (MOSS/WSS) development or “testing” downloads. 🙂

Update: See my follow up post at

I leave you with a link to the Engineering Windows7 blog and specifically to the The Windows 7 Taskbar post. They even have an image of the Windows 1.01 taskbar. AWESOME!


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10 thoughts on “Running Virtual Server 2005 on Windows 7

  1. patpp says:

    hi, what´s about your step by step post to use virtual server on windows 7???
    would be nice would you put it on…

  2. Alex Bider says:


    I was wondering if you still have plans to publish this guide.


  3. Allen says:

    I”m wondering if you got this working.
    I’ve been using virutal server 2005 R2 for a long time now and I love windows 7 but I cannot upgrade until I get virtual server working on it.

    I really appreciate your time.

  4. Hi aboutdev,

    I want to install Virtual server 2005 R2 SP1 on Windows 7 RC. It’s the requirement for implement the lab launcher of some MS learning courses.

    Can you help me how to do it, because the link of your post are not availble.

    Thanks and regard!

    Tri Dzung

    • aboutdev says:

      hi Tri Dzung. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I would recommend you use Virtual PC (gulp!). I personally don’t like it but it works on Windows 7 RC 1 I’m told. If you are still using Windows 7 Beta, then you can use Virtual Server 2005. Just make sure that you install it as an Administrator and you use the “Run as Administrator” option. Good luck with your lab. AboutDev.

  5. […] I know, I promised you all this post a long time ago. 2009/01/21 to be exact. So without much further ado, here is Virtual Server 2005 running on […]

    • Luis Pablo says:

      I could install without any problems a Virtual Server 2005 SP1 on Windows 7 RC1 following the steps on the following link and running the installation as an Administrator.

      The amazing thing is it works, just open IE as an Administrator again and then you open the Virtual Server Administration Website. I also attached an existing virtual machine and it works perfectly……….. bad news ???? Just until I restart my laptop and get the following error message on event viewer:
      Log Name: System
      Source: Service Control Manager
      Date: 21/08/2012 18:44:00
      Event ID: 7003
      Task Category: None
      Level: Error
      Keywords: Classic
      User: N/A
      Computer: Universo
      The Virtual Server service depends the following service: vmm. This service might not be installed.
      Event Xml:




      Virtual Server

      I’m stuck now because I can find any solution. Just reinstall VS and never restart my laptop 😦

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